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When to tan?

Ideally, you should spray tan 1-3 days before your main event. Two days before is your BEST option.

How do i prep my skin?

Not to worry! All preparation guidelines are provided to you  after booking.

What do i wear to tan?

We supply you with a disposable panty,
nipple covers, and hair net to be used at your discretion. However, you may wear your own garments or tan in the nude. Choose garments that will allow you to feel the most comfortable.

When can i shave again?

It is best to complete shaving 24 hours before your appointment however, you can shave again 24 hours post rinse time.

Im going on vacation, is it worth it to spray tan?

Schedule your spray tan the day before you leave. Ask your artist about a tan extender to take with you on vacation. 

Anything else i should know?!

Just that you won't be orange, because I know you're wondering. :) 

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