why prep your skin?

Great spray tans involve a team effort. Following these guidelines are crucial.  

Read the steps below. We can't wait to welcome you to TANNE.

24-48 hours prior to tan


If desired, remove unwanted hair 24-48 hours before appointment. Hair removal is NOT mandatory. 

Shaving should be completed with a razor that lacks a large moisturizing strip. You will be able to shave post tan. Details will be given to you at appointment.


Resurface your skin cells 24 hours before appointment with an exfoliating mitt for best results. Oil based scrubs and loofahs are not recommended. Exfoliating allows for a seamless tan application, do not skip this step! 


If you desire to shower day of your appointment we recommend completing this no less than 6 hours before your tan. Showering after the 6 hour mark can negatively affect your results. No exfoliating or shaving day of appointment, this must be completed 24 hours in advance as mentioned in the above sections. Additionally, cleansing the body with a gel-based wash will adhere the best tanning results. Please discontinue use of any lotion-based soap and/or bar soap to prep your skin. Dove especially, is known to leave a thick residue. Any gel-based body wash will work; my personal favorite is Aleavia which can be purchased in the shop.

Spa Services.

Complete any and all spa services 24-48 hours before tan. Your spray tan should be the very last beauty service on your to-do list. Your manicure and pedicure color will not be negatively affected by the spray tan. 

Sunburns + Tanlines

We do not spray tan over sunburnt and peeling skin. Please avoid excessive sun exposure 2-3 weeks before your tanning appointment. Additionally, the spray tan will help to conceal tan lines but it is not a magic eraser. Please keep this in mind. 


Please always prepare for weather changes. We recommend bringing an umbrella, long pants, long sleeve shirt, and jacket to all appointments in the chance you encounter rain. 

If desired, you may apply a light-weight hydrating facial cream. No lotions, oils, deodorant, or perfumes on your body.  All of these products can create a barrier on the skin that the tan will not adhere to. If dryness is a concern, opt for our hydration add-on.

Exception: if you are currently using Aleavia Body Lotion, you may apply a light layer on dry areas. 

day of appointment

Body + Face.


Wear dark, soft, loose-fitting clothing that covers the majority of your skin with open-toed sandals or breathable slippers. Cotton, silk, and linen are great options. Bras, jeans, leggings, tennis shoes, athletic shorts with waistbands are not ideal options.


You must avoid water / product on the skin and tight clothing until your rinse time. Rinse times can vary anywhere between 3-8 hours. Please plan your day accordingly to aid in stress-free processing time. If you have any questions regarding prep please text us at 337-247-1578. 

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