why prep your skin?

Great spray tans involve a team effort. Following these guidelines are crucial.  

Read the steps below. We can't wait to welcome you to TANNE.

24-48 hours prior to tan


If desired, remove unwanted hair 24-48 hours before appointment.

Shaving should be completed with a razor that lacks a large moisturizing strip. You will be able to shave post tan. Details will be given to you at the appointment.


Resurface your skin cells with an exfoliating mitt for best results. You can purchase a mitt in the shop.

No oil based scrubs or loofahs. If you have sensitive skin you can exfoliate and shave on two separate nights. 


Bar soap and cream based washes primarily DOVE, OLAY, DIAL, BATH & BODY WORKS are known to leave a residue on the skin and create a barrier, resulting in an uneven tan.

If you are currently using these please discontinue for best results. Any gel-based body wash is best. Native and Hempz are good options. My personal favorite is Aleavia which can be purchased in the shop.

Spa Services.

Complete waxing, facials, massages, mani-pedis 24-48 hours before. Yes, even white/nude colors. 

Sunburn/Peeling Skin.

You cannot spray tan over sunburnt / peeling skin. Please avoid excessive sun exposure. 

day of appointment

No Barriers.

No lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes, or makeup the day of your tan. All of these products can create a barrier on the skin that the tan will not adhere to. If you MUST have makeup on, remove with micellar water prior to appointment time.


Wear dark, soft, loose-fitting clothing that covers the majority of your skin with open-toed sandals. The looser the better! Cotton, silk, and linen are great options. Bras, jeans, leggings, tennis shoes, athletic shorts with waistbands are not ideal options.


Please bring an umbrella, pants, and jacket to all tan appointments in the chance it rains. 

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